Andrew & Son, Inc. is your Arcade, Pinball, and Monitor repair and service expert. We have been serving customers as a a reputable business since 1987. Thats 20+ years in business!!

We provide on-site customer service and repair for Arcade games and Pinball machines. To help determine if your game contains a real problem which may need the assistance of a trained service and repair technician or a Do-It-Yourself fix, please visit the Arcade, Monitor, and Pinball section on your left to help determine the severity of the problem. We have additionally included some key pointers to keep your game running in tip top shape and some recommended preventive care maintenence to protect the value of your investment! In the event a service technician is required, you have come to right people!

With 20+ years of experience, we are not only trained and stay on top with current day technology in found in new games, but also have the nastalgic knowledge required to provide the proper repair and service jobs to the arcade games and pinball machines produced in the 70's, 80's, and 90's.

We are located in New York (NY) and primarily service the Long Island (LI) regions:

  • Nassau County
  • West Suffolk County
  • East Suffolk County (includes North and South Forks)

We can also service extended regions at an additional destination charge depending on distance from our base location. These locations include:

  • Queens
  • NJ (New Jersey)
  • CT (Connecticut)

NY - NJ - CT map.  Servicing the following counties: nassau, queens, suffolk.  Servicing the following towns: hampton, islip, massapequa riverhead.

Green - Primary Service Region
Orange - Extended Service Region
Red - Occasional Service Region
Grey - Out of Service Region

To schedule an appointment or have further questions, please Contact us by clicking on the Contact us link in the navigation menu on the left.

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