Product Types

Monitors are the high voltage tubes which provide you the picture in your video games.  Due to the high voltage nature of the monitors it is never recommended that you attempt to fix it on your own.  All of your Arcade Games, Megatouch machines, and various new Pinball Machines monitors are usually repairable.  There are circumstances where the tube is permanently damaged, but this is rare.


We have the expertise to repair all monitor sizes and most type of monitors such as:

  • Vector / XY Monitors which is used in arcade games like Asteroids.
  • CRT Monitors which is used in most Arcade game cabinets and Megatouch machines.  These monitors are broken down into three categories:
    • Low Resolution - 15-kHz video signal
    • Mid Resolution - 24-kHz video signal
    • High / VGA Resolution - 31-kHz video signal
  • Projection which is commonly used in shooting games.
  • Common Sizes are: 13 inch, 15 inch, 17 inch, 19 inch, and all the way up to 33 inch


Some of the common brands and models of monitors we repair are listed below.  Please keep in mind that this list is far from complete and do contact us for monitor repair even if it is not listed.

Monitor Manufacturer
Tech Build
Wells Gardener