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Are you thinking about purchasing a new or used arcade video game?  Or a pinball machine?  Then here are some useful tips that you look for if you are able to see the game before you purchase.


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Back when Arcade Video Games and Pinball Machines were the primary means of gaming entertainment they were used as vending machines.  These games were found in many different locations such as Arcade Shops, Amusement Parks, Casino's, Party Time, Party Zone, Tournaments, and in many local Groceries and Mom' n' Pop stores.  These machines in their early life have seen a lot of use and in some cases abuse as well.

As the home entertainment gaming industry started to evolve and take off with Nintendo and Sony Playstation, many of these Arcade Games and Pinball Machines started to become abandoned by their owners.  When they were abandoned they were often times left to rot in the streets.

Due to the tuff and rough conditions the games have seen in their early life find a good machine to put in your home can be a difficult task but doing some homework early on and being a good detective in choose which machine you buy will provide you and your family a joyful times playing the classics you are accustomed to and grown up with.


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